About Us


At Joshua’s Farm we use our 35 plus years experience raising sheep to insure that our Shetland Sheep are the best they can be. Our breeding goals are to develop calm, friendly, wide based, functional, sheep with excellent Shetland fleeces. Remembering always the purpose of the original Shetland Island Sheep, we strive to maintain those characteristics. The Shetland Islands are a desolate location with few resources. On the islands, the fleece of the Shetland Sheep was needed to make everything from sail cloth to baby blankets to wedding shawls. Thus we feel a variety of fleece types and colors is critically important.

In today’s modern world sheep are handled more and live more closely with the shepherd than in yesteryear. Thus, a calm and friendly demeanor is a huge asset. We imprint our lambs to us at birth and work with them frequently to assure that they are easy to handle and easy to care for. Friendly sheep make barn chores much more enjoyable. All of our lambs are halter trained.


The early sheep of the Shetland Islands did not have much access to veterinary care. We breed only those Shetland individuals who are able to maintain health, reproduction, and normal body weight without a lot of inputs. In our years with other breeds of sheep we learned health and lambing problems are not fun. So we work hard to select against these problems. We want to enjoy our sheep (and you to enjoy your sheep) without huge vet bills and stressful medical treatments.

We believe the Shetland Sheep, although a small primitive breed, should still produce a quality meat product. So we select for width, length, and natural muscling in our flock. By selecting for natural width instead of height our sheep remain quite small and eat much less. This allows the lambs not needed for fleece to produce quality eating lamb.


Natural and humane care is a cornerstone of our program. Our sheep are raised and kept on organically farmed pastures with high mineral volcanic soils. This means that no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are used on our pastures. Thus you can be assured of chemical free fleeces. Our home farm is Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Predator Friendly. We are inspected annually and follow a humane care plan for our animals. We work with our predators to keep them away from our sheep using guardian dogs and solar electric fences rather than eradication. Our sheep go about life peacefully under the watch of their guardian dog. We rotate our sheep frequently to fresh pastures and also use multispecies grazing to assure as low a parasite load as possible. We are very particular about minerals, believing them to be critical to optimum health. We supplement with organic kelp and other natural minerals on a free choice basis. Homeopathic remedies are used as a first choice for veterinary care.

Purchasing a special fleece, natural wool product, or Shetland Sheep for your home flock is no small decision. We appreciate your consideration of our farm. We work with purchasers after the sale to make sure they are satisfied and to provide advice from our considerable sheep experience 24/7. Purchasing a primitive breed and/or natural wool products helps to support small farmers and natural wool sheep and keep them as a part of our local food system.